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Astrology with LC

Astrology with LC

Candice Young

Astrologer, Moon-lover and empowerment coach. Her passion is helping people discover their purpose and unique blueprint through their birth chart. We are slowly coming back to the wisdom of the cosmos as a guide for life.

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Astrology for November

 Well November is overshadowed by this intense eclipse season we are within. The actual eclipses occur on Tuesday, Oct. 25 (Solar Eclipses happen on the New Moon) and Tuesday, Nov. 8 (Lunar Eclipse – which, you guessed it – happen on the Full Moon). 

Think of eclipses like a full moon on steroids. The energy is felt for longer and the changes they bring are far more fast paced and dramatic compared to normal. Us astrologers often say not to set intentions at the Solar Eclipse New Moon – as literally all bets are off. It is far better to surrender into the shifting energy and see what wisdom it has for you!

I have spoken in previous blogs about the changing mischief of the Uranus energy and from this week it is coming together with the Solar Eclipse. So, all this energy in on the Taurus / Scorpio axis is compounding the changes and shifts in your life. This November brings about themes of power and trust in our intimate relationships, how we build on things of value (Taurus) and then how we metabolize and transform them (Scorpio).

Cast your mind back (or check your diary / iPhone picture gallery!) to April 30th – May 10th of this year.
Whatever is coming up now is ‘book ending’ this period of your life. Perhaps you were ending a relationship – or thinking of starting one. Perhaps you were looking for work or a sense of purpose in your day-to-day life. You will feel the culmination of this lesson and life theme strongly in November.

Mars is Retrograde from the 30th of October for the rest of the year so be careful of where you put any aggression or frustration that may be coming up, this energy won’t serve you if you act without careful reflection.
Scorpio is linked to our unconscious fears, desires and the ‘shadow’ part of life that many of us don’t like to dwell too much on. This time is so beautifully ripe to help us understand our patterns we keep repeating. It’s a fantastic time to explore past life regression work, somatic therapy or any safe space where we can allow our residual fear up to the surface and to be released under the beautiful light of lady luna.

The fears you don’t face become your limits
- Seth Godin
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