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Astrology with LC

Astrology with LC

Candice Young

Astrologer, Moon-lover and empowerment coach. Her passion is helping people discover their purpose and unique blueprint through their birth chart. We are slowly coming back to the wisdom of the cosmos as a guide for life.

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Astrology for September

So, the weather (in the Northern Hemisphere) is starting to calm down and we are past the very intense Leo / Lionsgate season, but we remain in the unstable and sometimes shocking energy of the Uranus-Mars-North Node conjunction.
As we move into. Virgo season it is particularly important that you find time to rest and heal.

Virgo is ALL about healing. Think of the Virgo’s you know, I bet more than one of them are yoga teachers, reiki masters, fitness freaks or just gentle compassionate souls. There will be increased tension globally as Saturn in Aquarius looks to double down its measures and desires to maintain control. However, what is different from 2021, is now Uranus has a secret in its battle against 'old world order’. A powerful conjunction around 30th July that some of you may well already be feeling.

With this erratic Uranian energy continuing to bring unpredictable changes and shifts in your life, Virgo as the only mutable Earth sign is here to show us how to protect our energy through care of our individual and collective bodies. Your physical body houses your true essence and Virgo asks us to treat this sacred vessel with reverence and care, she asks us to move, nourish and cultivate compassion through the body.

Virgo is very analytical and organized, being ruled by Mercury, the messenger god, who is moving retrograde on September 9th. I get asked A LOT what does Mercury Retrograde even mean and should I expect to hear from my ex?!? Firstly, all planets retrograde at some point during the year, and it is nothing to be feared. It simply means that planet is moving slower from our perspective here on Earth (which is where personal astrology is measured from) and the energy it represents works in a much less linear way. Mercury rules writing, communication, learning and how we connect with the world so we may hear from a ‘blast from the past’ as well as issues with email or tech when Mercury stations retrograde. Use the Mercury retrograde period as a time reflection, re-evaluate certain circumstances in your life. It is best not to sign long term contracts or commitments but to use the rest of September to look at what you are attracting and accepting in the situations, relationships, and experiences in your life.

Healing yourself is connected with healing others
- Yoko Ono

Dates for September

September 5th – Venus moves into Virgo. If your love language is Acts of Service and showing up for others in a quiet and meaningful way – this is your season! Just remember not everyone will meet your high standards!

September 9th – Mercury Retrograde in Libra. Procrastinating about sending that email, finishing that piece of work, struggling to find your voice. Go easy on yourself and use the next 3 weeks to focus on clarity not action.

September 10th - Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. Wow! This is one trippy full moon so be prepared to experience some strange dreams and some very deep insights. I recommend a dream diary for you to record any messages as soon as you wake up.

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